Tips for Beginner Artist

Sometimes we go to the museum just for sightseeing; we often saw the art and the painting in the museum. Perhaps you’re thinking to major in art in college, or thinking to start a new hobby which is drawing or painting, depending on what you want. Although drawing is fun, it can get stressful at times. In this article, we have provided some tips for an artist that are just starting out. There are times when you feel like you want to give up but don’t. If you’re curious about what those tips are, consider reading this article to know more.

Don’t Buy The Expensive Stuff Just Yet

ElectronicAs you’re starting there’s a good chance that you’re going to be tempted to buy the expensive stuff, be it the costly markers or the high-quality sketchbook. Our first tip is not to buy that expensive stuff just yet. First of all, you won’t know if you’re going to use it very often, and not to mention you don’t have a clue whether you’re going to like the products or not. The products that we said could be a sketchbook, a graphics tablet and many more.

Buy the Alternatives

At the same time, we suggest you buy the products that you want, say a marker at a lower price, this way you’ll have a taste of the products that you want without burning your wallet. There are many cheaper alternatives to the product that you want, so we suggest you ask your friends or do your research on the internet.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

SuppliesThere’s no sugarcoating this one, so let’s get right into it. Another tip from us is to keep practicing no matter how hard it is. As a beginner artist, there will be days where you’re down in blues as you feel like you’re not improving at all, and that’s normal. Our tip is to practice a lot and make sure you’re stepping outside your comfort zone.

Tip: Watching videos and buying a practice book will help a lot.

Going to a Class

Often times there are offering to get into a class, and should you? The consideration is that if you want to learn a specific material, perhaps like lighting and shading, it might be a good idea to get into a drawing class, if you have the money that is. If you’re broke, you can consider looking for a free class which is pretty rare, but it’s still there.