How to Plan Your Team Building Activities

Team building excursion and exercises are helpful in increasing the overall performance of employees and promoting cooperation across teams and among team members. Again, it is another effective way of enhancing employee job satisfaction and broadening your corporate objectives and goals. Team building activities that are improperly administered or designed do nothing. Individuals who are planning cooperate team building activities should choose fabulous activities. They work with different groups regardless of their sizes and budgets.

Choosing the right team building tasks can help you in solving the issues facing your employees/workers. It is, therefore, imperative to consider the dos and don’ts as you plan your next sessions. Ideally, you should connect your session with the struggles confronting your employees on a daily basis. The following are the tips for finding the best team building activities:

Choosing Activities That Foster Healthy Competition

sports-playing golf

Tasks that might create hostility in your team environment or lower the morale of your workers should be avoided. Some of the fabulous team building activities that you need to consider include trivia, scavenger hunts, and sports among others. Encouraging your workers to work together and be driven is a great idea. You should remember to keep the competition fun and light-hearted for it to be successful. After all, the whole idea is about participation.

Choosing Activities That Don’t Exclude Anyone

Business people who have many part-timers in their teams should select appropriate days when planning their team building sessions to make sure that everyone can attend. Avoid excluding people based on their ability. For instance, you should avoid rock climbing tasks if your team has some elderly members as it will be hard for them to participate.

Follow Up Post-Events


You will be required to spend money and time to get the best results from your team building tasks. Post-event strategies are helpful in determining the success of your activities and excursions. You can initiate a useful and healthy discussion by facilitating open conservations about the primary objectives following joint activities. You should take on your worker’s feedback and come up with an elaborate plan for implementing new skills, ideas and practices. Your team can bond over funny rewarding and challenging moments by sharing videos, stories, and photos.

Encourage Learning

The activities chosen should be designed to meet your objectives. People should be given an opportunity of learning new skills, working methods or attitudes. In general, you should avoid having parties or planning your trips to the pub as this would be a social event not a team building event.