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Top Extreme Activities to Give a Try

If you want an exhilarating adventure, you do not have to look for. It does not matter whether you want a unique experience or just having fun, it is easy to find the right escapade. Nowadays, many attractions and activities are meant for people who are active and do not mind heights. The following are some of the extreme activities you can enjoy.


paragliding teamIn this case, you launch your journey down from the top of the skyline. Then you will sail over in a tandem flight experience that is difficult to beat. Also, you can tailor the flights to suit your requirements. This will give you an opportunity to enjoy the ride. It is advisable to ensure you have photos and videos of your experience. Some flights can take one hour and others a few minutes. However, you should try this extreme activity if you are fit.


This activity starts in the air and ends in the water. It provides a contrasting change of environment as you will spend most of your trip getting wet. Some areas have established canyoning operators with various unique locations. This gives you the freedom to choose what you want. The good thing about this activity is that it offers you the opportunity to test the limits of your abilities and confidence. In this case, a good level of fitness is needed.

Escape Room

escape roomThis is a game where you race against time. Ideally, escape room is a physical game where players ought to work as a team to solve a series of riddles and puzzles using hints, strategy, and clues to achieve the goals at hand. Usually, the players are offered a particular set time limit to get the secret plot that is hidden at the rooms. In most cases, the games are set in a wide range of fictional locations like space stations, dungeons, prison cells, and more.

Bungy Jumping

This activity is adrenaline filled fun. Some companies have developed the best bungee jump experiences. Also, the prices of these activities vary depending on the selected jump. Moreover, you are provided with a t-shirt and a completion certificate. However, weight and age restrictions do apply.

The above are some of the extreme activities you should give a try. It is a good idea to ensure you have a good level of fitness before trying any of them.…


Fun Things to Do During Summer

In some countries, summer is near, or perhaps is already there. Perhaps you’re thinking on what to do during summer, especially when you’re going to get some time for yourself, and also the kids won’t be going to the school, so you have to plan on what you want to do. There are many things to do in summer, and we’re here to write all the things that you can do during summer. If you don’t want to spend all summer dozing off in your room, read this article and plan all the fun stuff that you’ll be doing in summer.

Going to the Beach

Skincare on beachWhenever summer comes, this is the perfect time to go to the beach. The sand, the sun, and the water seem like the perfect getaway to relax, although we suggest to find a less famous beach or else it’s going to be very crowded, and you’re not going to like it. So, make sure to pack your bikinis and call your friends or family and enjoy your summer on the beach, and hopefully, you’ll get a lovely tan.

Tip: Make sure to apply sunscreen as exposure to the sun can damage your skin. In case of sunburnt, an aloe vera gel will help a lot at those areas.


We’ve written that going to the beach is a fun thing to do in summer, but so is shopping. Shopping, when done at all seasons seem to make everyone happy, and it’s fun. Since it’s summer, you might want to stock up on sunscreen, since it’s going to be hot and it’s also a good idea to buy some summer clothes since there’s no way you’re wearing a coat when it’s hot outside, right? Or perhaps you want to buy a tub of ice cream since you can’t stand the heat, the choice is yours.

Part Time Jobs

JobsSince it’s summer, a lot of people are taking the break to relax with their family, if you’re a student then this is a perfect chance to look for a part-time job. Some stores or places want to hire an employee for a month, and if you’re looking to make extra cash why don’t look for one? Who knows you might land a job in a place that has a comfortable working environment, perhaps a library that’s filled with aircon, or maybe a kitchen full of delicious food, so keep on looking.…


Tips for Beginner Artist

Sometimes we go to the museum just for sightseeing; we often saw the art and the painting in the museum. Perhaps you’re thinking to major in art in college, or thinking to start a new hobby which is drawing or painting, depending on what you want. Although drawing is fun, it can get stressful at times. In this article, we have provided some tips for an artist that are just starting out. There are times when you feel like you want to give up but don’t. If you’re curious about what those tips are, consider reading this article to know more.

Don’t Buy The Expensive Stuff Just Yet

ElectronicAs you’re starting there’s a good chance that you’re going to be tempted to buy the expensive stuff, be it the costly markers or the high-quality sketchbook. Our first tip is not to buy that expensive stuff just yet. First of all, you won’t know if you’re going to use it very often, and not to mention you don’t have a clue whether you’re going to like the products or not. The products that we said could be a sketchbook, a graphics tablet and many more.

Buy the Alternatives

At the same time, we suggest you buy the products that you want, say a marker at a lower price, this way you’ll have a taste of the products that you want without burning your wallet. There are many cheaper alternatives to the product that you want, so we suggest you ask your friends or do your research on the internet.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

SuppliesThere’s no sugarcoating this one, so let’s get right into it. Another tip from us is to keep practicing no matter how hard it is. As a beginner artist, there will be days where you’re down in blues as you feel like you’re not improving at all, and that’s normal. Our tip is to practice a lot and make sure you’re stepping outside your comfort zone.

Tip: Watching videos and buying a practice book will help a lot.

Going to a Class

Often times there are offering to get into a class, and should you? The consideration is that if you want to learn a specific material, perhaps like lighting and shading, it might be a good idea to get into a drawing class, if you have the money that is. If you’re broke, you can consider looking for a free class which is pretty rare, but it’s still there.…