How Learning to Play the Guitar Can Enrich Your Child’s Education

There is probably no better instrument to introduce to your kids while they’re at a young age than the guitar. My kids first guitar is a Loog Pro VI Acoustic, which I introduced to both of my sons at the age of seven. They reap many benefits from learning the guitar as a child, which makes me a proud parent. As parents, we want the best for our children and the fundamental skills to help them when they’re grown. So, let’s take a crack at benefiting our child with the guitar:



Finding new ways to entertain your child can be hard, especially since you have to work from home during this pandemic. Your child can occupy most of your time and attention if they have nothing to entertain themselves. Sure, watching a movie or playing games are fair entertainment, but they can get bored quickly. So why not teach them to play the guitar? The guitar can entertain your child like no other because of the way they stimulate their brain into finding new melodies and focus on playing the chords correctly. It certainly has entertained my sons when I’m working from home!


The guitar can also provide relaxation for the mind. Music therapy is a common thing in our world. They were used by our ancient ancestors using harps and the lute; still, the practice continues till this day, and it has complemented healing processes like massages and physiotherapies to boost their therapeutic qualities. Your child can learn the guitar as a way to soothe and calm their mind when they are unease. This could be a good outlet that they will hold until they are adults to minimize the risk of them having self-destructive outlets like imbibing alcohol, smoking, going to nightclubs, etc.


Teaching Guitar

Learning the guitar is a great way to boost one’s self-confidence. While teaching my sons how to play the guitar, I realize that constructive feedback plays a big role in building your child’s self-confidence. Showing support and encouragement when they are learning something new can help your child develop a sense of pride and boost their self-esteem, so they will have brave and adventurous souls in the future that will ultimately benefit them in all aspects of life. 

Playing the guitar has been widely believed by many as a great outlet for creativity and a great education tool to build confidence and motor skills. In addition, through learning how to play the guitar, your child can become better communicators and are less prone to fall under depression and anxiety when they grow up!